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The Basics Of Knives And Cutting Boards

By Avi Green October 20, 2020

The list of kitchen tools that you need to get a job done right and with ease is quite extensive, and if you don't already have all the essential items in your kitchen, how do you know where to start? Everyone needs a great set of knives and cutting boards. From carving a perfectly roasted piece of meat to chopping fruits and vegetables, the right recipes can go a long way in leveling up your cooking skills. Therefore, its time you learn the basics of knives and cutting boards!

To begin, it's essential to understand which type of knives and cutting boards are available. Knives come in various shapes and sizes. As for cutting boards, they usually come in wood, plastic, or bamboo. Also, it's important to figure out what type of knife will work best for the job at hand. The following is an overview of the most popular types of knives and cutting boards.

Chef's Knife:

The chefs knife is the most versatile and commonly used knife in the kitchen. It's typically eight inches long and has a wide, curved blade that tapers to a fine point. This knife is designed to make slicing and accurate chopping of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and meats a simple task. It can also handle tougher tasks, like breaking apart chicken or cutting through thicker cuts of meat.

Paring Knife:

The paring knife is the smallest and most delicate of kitchen knives. This knife is ideal for smaller tasks such as coring, peeling, and mincing. This versatility makes it great for quick and precise chopping of ingredients like onions, carrots, and garlic.

Bread Knife:

The bread knife is a long, serrated kitchen knife used to cut through baked goods without crushing them. The blade is scalloped and sharp, to provide a clean and precise cut. Its also ideal for cutting through tough-skinned fruits and vegetables, like onions, tomatoes, and melons.

Wooden Cutting Boards:

Wooden cutting boards are prized for their beauty and functionality. They can last for years, provide a stable surface to cut on, and do not dull knives quickly. Wooden cutting boards are also naturally anti-microbial, making them safe for chopping and cutting. They can be heavy and hard to store, however, but a wooden cutting board is a great investment for any home chef.

Plastic Cutting Boards:

Plastic cutting boards are an affordable and lightweight option for kitchen use. These cutting boards are easy to store and can stand up to tough treatment. However, plastic cutting boards have their drawbacks. They do not age well and can become brittle and warped over time. Also, cleaning plastic cutting boards is not easy as they easily garner bacteria and mildew.

Bamboo Cutting Boards:

Bamboo cutting boards are a type of hardwood cutting board thats often praised for its durability and beauty. These cutting boards are a popular and eco-friendly choice as bamboo is a renewable resource. Bamboo cutting boards are extremely durable, and do not easily warp or crack. They are also lightweight and easy to store.

No matter the material of the cutting boards, it's essential to maintain them properly. Wooden and bamboo cutting boards should be oiled with mineral oil to keep them from cracking and to maintain their beauty. Plastic cutting boards should be washed with warm, soapy water and dried immediately afterward. It's also important to replace them regularly as plastic cutting boards wear down quickly.

How To Get Scratches Off Kitchen Knives :

Kitchen knives often get scratched up over time, and without proper maintenance they can start to look dull and worn down. Fortunately, there are a few easy and affordable ways to help get those scratches out and make your knives look as good as new.

One solution is to use a mild abrasive such as baking soda or cream of tartar to buff out the scratches. Simply make a paste of either ingredient and gently rub it into the scratches with a soft cloth. For a more aggressive solution, sandpaper can be used to gently buff the scratched area. However, its important to only use very fine-grit sandpaper and to be careful to avoid damaging the blade.

In addition to repairing scratches, its also important to maintain your knives properly. Always wash the knives immediately after use and always dry them thoroughly. This will not only prevent rust but also help keep the knives looking sharp. Additionally, using a knife sharpener regularly will help keep the blades in tip-top condition.


Having quality knives and cutting boards is essential for any kitchen. Not only do they make meal preparation easier but they can also help protect your hands from injuries. As its important to choose the right type of knives and cutting boards for the job, as well as maintain them properly. With a bit of effort and knowledge you can ensure that your knives and cutting boards last you a long time and make food preparation a breeze.

Now that youre armed with the basics of knives and cutting boards, why not give them a try? Youll be amazed at how much easier and enjoyable it becomes once youve got the essential kitchen tools down.

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