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Kitchen Knife Storage Solutions That Keep You Organized

By Sai Shanmuka Vangmaye Maddulapalli May 09, 2022

You finally made the investment in a decent knife — or perhaps several good knives. In any case, you've spent good money, and your blades deserve to be stored in a way that keeps their edges as sharp as possible for as long as possible.

It's a bad idea to keep your knife in a drawer with other kitchen equipment and cutlery. Not only can grabbing the business end of a blade when going for the ice cream scoop get you to the emergency room quickly but bumping against all other metallic objects can damage a knife, leading it to grow dull more rapidly or even nicks and notches that will need to be fixed.

Kitchen knives can be stored in one of four different ways. You can use a magnetic strip to install them on the wall or keep them on the counter in a block or dock, under a drawer if space is limited, or in a drawer dock.

There's also the chef's roll, which is the sixth method. However, this is more suited to the professional chef who commutes with his equipment, and it is a bit inconvenient for household use.

Magnetic Knife Strip

Cutting tool storage can be made safe and easy with magnetic strips. This is likely the greatest way to hold a kitchen knife since it makes minimal contact with the cutting edge, keeping it sharp and free of damage. It also helps you to in saving counter space.

It's also a lovely way to show off your blades. A strip is also useful since it allows you to see all of your blade selections in one glance, eliminating the need to draw every knife from the block until you find the one you want.

A magnetic knife holder can be installed above the counter, on the backsplash, on the end of a cupboard, or on the side of the refrigerator. The magnetic bars are usually made of stainless steel, quartz, and wood, among other materials.

Consider the following factors while selecting magnetic strips:

The magnet must be powerful enough to keep the blades in position without sliding, but not so powerful that it snatches the blade as it approaches. If the magnet is too strong, it can cause the blade to slam against the bar, potentially chipping the cutting edge.

To avoid possible harm to the edge from a powerful slap, cultivate the habit of contacting the spine to the bar first.

Another crucial consideration is length, as these can be shortened to make them shorter. Choose one that will fit the area you have available and store the number of tools you expect to use, as there are various lengths available.

Our Choice

Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Bar

Knives attached to a Magnetic Strip

1. This trendy magnetic knife bar is built of strong magnets and wrapped in an exquisite, satin-finished, high-grade stainless steel that will complement any kitchen décor.

2. This magnetic knife rack features a totally magnetic surface that is powered by a strong magnet, allowing you to hang even the largest blades safely and securely.

3. This magnetic strip has a longer length than most knife blocks on the market, allowing you to store more blades while remaining compact enough to fit into every nook and corner in your kitchen or workspace.

4. This magnetic knife toolbar includes mounting hardware as well as easy-to-follow illustrated instructions, so you can get started organizing your kitchen right away!

Countertop Kitchen Knife Blocks

Countertop knife blocks and docks keep your blades close to your work area for quick and simple access. Kitchen blocks are a good choice if you have enough counter space. There are the old traditional blocks that come as a set with knives, which many people are content with. Others do not have knives.

Many are built of wood for a nice appearance, but cleaning is one of the major problems. It might be difficult to get into the slots, and they provide an ideal environment for dust, debris, mold, and bacteria. Furthermore, putting them in the dishwasher can destroy them if they're made of wood.

Another issue with blocks is that their cutting edges might be harsh and they might occupy your valuable counter space. Contact with the wood when moving them in and out of the slots tends to dull the edges quickly, necessitating more regular honing and sharpening. If you use a block with pre-sized slots, keeping your blades on their spines will help keep their edges sharp.

The way you remove blades from a block will also affect their sharpness. Remove the spine by gently pressing it against the wood to prevent the cutting edge from making a touch. Finally, if you're putting together your own mixed knife collection, blocks with pre-sized slots might be restrictive and unpleasant, as blades from different brands frequently don't fit correctly.

Our Choice

Amazon Basics 14-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set, High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blades with Pine Wood Knife Blocks

Countertop Knife Block

1. The 14-piece knife set with the block is ideal for newlyweds, college graduates, or anybody setting up their first kitchen.

2. Comes with a beautiful pinewood block for safe storage of all the pieces and easy access to the collection and occupies less counter space

3. 8-inch chef's knife included a Slicing knife, 8 in. Utility knife, 5.5 x 3.5 inches 6 steak knives, 4.5 inches shears for the kitchen Sharpener, 8-inch Stainless-steel blades with razor-sharp serrated edges slice homemade or gourmet loaves of bread effectively, while the slicing knife slices fresh tomatoes beautifully.

4. When throwing a dinner party, whether the menu is ribeye steak or eggplant parmesan, the set of steak knives is essential.

Farberware 22-Piece High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block and Kitchen Tool Set

This Farberware set is the perfect present for new college students, graduates, newlyweds, or anybody setting up a first-time kitchen. It's a terrific set for individuals who already know their way around a kitchen, as well as beginner chefs learning the ropes.

Kitchen Block with Knives in it

These sharpness levels are ideal. Kitchen knives don't need to be sharpened because they have micro serrations on the blades that make cutting easier; For strength, durability, and precision, the blades are made of premium high carbon stainless steel.

The Knife handles are made of triple-riveted poly for strength and longevity, and they have a textured, non-slip finish for a sure, secure grip while cutting.

Hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent, then rinse and dry right away.

What's Included?

An 8-inch chef's knife, an 8-inch serrated bread knife, a 5-inch Santoku, a 5.5-inch serrated utility knife, a 4-inch utility knife, a 3.5-inch Paring knife, (6) 4.5-inch steak knives, an all-purpose kitchen shear, a set of five measuring spoons, three spatulas, and a wood storage block are included in this high-piece count set.

Under Cabinet Storage

There are two types of under cabinet storage.

The first is essentially a block connected to a swivel positioned on the cabinet's underside. When you require a blade, the entire block turns to reveal the handles, which can then be pushed back and out of the way once you've made your choice.

UnderCabinet Knife storage

A hinged dock with knives in a drawer-like cage is the second style. These are opened by pushing down to display the tools inside, then closed to fit snugly under a cabinet for storage. These types, like magnetic strips, are fantastic for freeing up counter and drawer space.

In-Drawer Storage

A knife drawer storage is a good option as long as you don't let them knock around loosely. Unsheathed blades in a cutlery drawer are dangerous for your fingers' safety, and rattling against each other as the drawer slides almost ensure dull blades and edge damage.

In Drawer storage

If you have a restricted countertop or wall space, a drawer knife block will keep knives secure. Single and double-tier models are available. Some, like blocks, have slots that are particularly sized for various blades, while others are more universal.

In-drawer organizers with slots that can suit a variety of sizes offer the most adaptability. In-drawer holders or docks must take into account the interior dimensions of the intended drawer. When mounting knives, make sure you have enough room because big handles can prohibit the drawer from closing.

Another concern with in-drawer systems is that blades sit directly on the cutting edge, causing them to quickly dull. Instead, consider storing them on their spines. Cleaning drawer docks might be a hassle as well. Blade slots might be narrow, and debris collects quickly. The dock cannot be immersed in water or washed in the dishwasher if it is made of wood.


There are a range of knife storage choices available, ranging from high-tech to elevated, and all of these can do the job well if utilized appropriately. Ultimately, the one that's ideal for you will be determined by how much counter or drawer space you have available. A wall-mounted magnetic strip makes use of underutilized space in a compact kitchen; if you have the luxury of space, a separate knife drawer with slots inserts or a tabletop unit will keep the knives separate and protected. At the end of the day, though, storing knives boils down to one thing, regardless of which method you use.

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