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How To Sharpen Victorinox Knives: A Guide For Kitchen Hobbyists

By Avi Green March 08, 2021

Sharpening knives is an essential part of caring for your kitchen tools, and its especially important for keen kitchen hobbyists who take pride in their craft. Victorinox knives are known for their superior quality and impeccable sharpness, but over time your blades will inevitably become dull and need sharpening. In this guide, well explore some of the best ways to sharpen a Victorinox knife and ensure it maintains its razor sharpness for years to come.

Before You Begin

Before you start sharpening your knife, its important to make sure you have the right tools and materials on hand. The materials youll need for sharpening a Victorinox knife include:

  • A honing rod
  • Whetstones
  • A flat surface
  • Thick gloves

Once you have all your materials ready, you can begin sharpening your knife. Its always a good idea to wear thick gloves to protect your hands while sharpeningthese knives are very sharp, and its easy to cut yourself if youre not careful.

sharpening with a Honing Rod

A honing rod is by far the easiest way to sharpen a Victorinox knifesimply run the blade back and forth along the honing rod until its as sharp as you need it to be.

Start by holding the honing rod in your non-dominant hand, with the handle pointed away from your body. Hold the knife in your dominant hand and move it up and down the length of the honing rod, angling the blade slightly outwards as you go. Aim to maintain a 20-25 degree angle between the honing rod and the blade as you sharpen it, and repeat the process 10-15 times.

This method is suitable for general sharpening, and its a great way to keep your knife sharp between uses. However, if your knife is worn or damaged, you may need to use a whetstone for more effective results.

Sharpening with a Whetstone

To use a whetstone, youll need to start by laying it out flat on a sturdy flat surfacefloorboards are usually ideal. Make sure the surface is completely flat and level before beginning, as any movement can cause the blade to slip and result in an injury.

Hold the knife in your dominant hand and place it against the whetstone at a 20-25 degree angle, with the grip of the knife facing away from the blade. Move the blade up and down the length of the stone in a smooth, consistent motion.

Alternate the direction of your strokes occasionally for a more even sharpening. After 15-20 strokes, repeat the process in the opposite direction for a few strokes before finishing with a few strokes of the original direction.

Once the blade is sharpened, youll want to clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth to remove any loose particles or debris before using itthis will ensure the knife remains sharp and in good condition.


With the right tools and materials, sharpening a Victorinox knife is relatively easy. Using a honing rod can help to keep your blade sharp between uses, while a whetstone is better suited for more thorough sharpening. Follow these steps, clean your knife thoroughly after sharpening, and your blades should maintain their perfect edge for many years to come.

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