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Do Glass Cutting Boards Dull Knives ?

By Avi Green June 22, 2020

The debate over whether glass cutting boards dull knives has been around for some time. Some people claim that these ubiquitous kitchen tools will sharpen blades considerably over time and others contend that glass cutting boards actually cause blades to become duller more quickly. So, which opinion is correct? This article takes a closer look at the impact that glass cutting boards have on knives.

Do Glass Cutting Boards Dull Knives?

Simply put, yes, glass cutting boards can dull knives. The reason for this is because the glass itself is a relatively hard material. Even when it's tempered, it is still harder than most kitchen knives. As a result of this, when a blade is continually thrust in and out of the glass, its edge quickly becomes rounded off and the knife itself can become hopelessly dull.

To further explain, when a knife is used to cut food on a glass surface, it is immediately dulled due to the fact that the top layer of the edge of the blade is worn away. This is known as 'micro-tearing.' The micro-tearing becomes even more rapid over time as the edge round off.

Is there a Better Alternative?

Fortunately, there is a much better alternative available, one that will not dull knives and remain sanitary to boot. It's called the bamboo cutting board. Bamboo is softer than glass, and its porous structure offers enough cushioning that blades are not dulled after repeated use. Additionally, since bamboo is naturally antibacterial, there is also less of a chance that unwanted bacteria will be transferred to the kitchen.

What Can be Done to Maintain Knife Sharpness?

If you're set on using a glass cutting board, there are still things you can do to preserve knife sharpness. To begin with, you should only be using plastic knives or other non-cutting, chopping or pushing tools on the glass cutting board. Using soft cutting boards strictly for vegetables and soft fruits is also a good idea.

Moreover, consider purchasing a special honing steel and honing the blades of your knives periodically. Usually, sharpening steel should be used every week or two while honing should be done once a month. This will ensure that your knives stay as sharp as possible while using a glass cutting board.


Using a glass cutting board can dull knives quickly, and is therefore not recommended. Instead, opt for a soft, antibacterial bamboo board for all of your kitchen cutting duties. If you must use a glass cutting board, then only use it with plastic knives and periodically sharpen and hone cuutting blades.

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