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Are Glass Cutting Boards Bad for Knives?

By Avi Green February 03, 2021

Glass cutting boards have been a staple in many kitchens for decades. But while they're attractive, durable, and easy to clean, they may not be the best option for sharpening or even preserving your knives. Here, we'll explore why it's important to be mindful when using glass cutting boards.

First off, the hardness of a glass cutting board can be very different from that of a wooden or composite board. Glass is significantly harder than its natural counterparts, and it is more likely to dull your blades, particularly if they are of lower quality. This can make a difference not just in the way your knives look, but in how they perform, too.

In addition, glass boards are also more likely to cause scratches on the blades of your knives, which can further reduce their sharpness. This type of damage is particularly common on knives with softer steels that can't withstand the surface hardness of the cutting board.

Another potential downside to glass cutting boards is their weight. Unlike plastic or wooden boards, which are lightweight and easy to move around, glass boards can be quite heavy and difficult to handle particularly when they are made with thicker glass. This can lead to a lot of strain on your wrists and hands if you're using them repetitively or for extended periods of time.

Finally, glass cutting boards can be quite slippery which can be problematic if you've just finished slicing something slippery, like tomatoes. A wooden or composite board would be better suited for this type of slicing.

Despite their drawbacks, if you enjoy the aesthetics of a glass cutting board, there are some ways to make them a bit safer to use. For instance, a glass board with a non-slip bottom can help to reduce slippage. In addition, you can buy protectors specifically designed to cushion knives from the hardness of the glass reducing the risk of dulling and scratches.

So, if you're a kitchen hobbyists seeking a cutting board that won't dull your knives, a glass one may not be the best choice. Wooden and composite boards are often softer and lighter than glass boards making them a better alternative for keeping your knives in peak condition.

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